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James Martin

James Martin


App design for Topaz, an awesome creative company from New York.

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Web design I made for MGF, an amazing architecture agency from London.

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  • Strategik INC
    Web Design球长体育

    The awesome guys at Strategik INC were superb to work with because they knew their goals exactly.

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    Strategik INC
  • Ēostre UI Kit
    Web Design36体育

    Ēostre UI Kit is made following the latest design trends with focus on usability and fast workflow.

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    Ēostre UI Kit
  • Go Outside
    App Design库博体育

    Quick concept for a fictitious wildlife exploration app. Grab the PSD and start your own exploration.

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    Go Outside App


Man viewing work plans

Days in the office万博体育matext

I love using UI Kits vs website templates because UI Kits give you an easier way to use elements compared to templates.

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Man hanging pictures

Why I use CCO images尚星国际

CCO images are awesome because you don't have to credit the author, and you can use them anywhere, anytime.

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    Men working at a desk

    Designing for IOT必体育

    Internet of things is coming so quickly, we as designers will have to design UI and UX for more things in the future.

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